09FsG - ImgurFor now, we're going by a slightly modified version of the Ponify rules until a more comprehensive dictionary/grammar guide is found/created here. Luckily, pony grammar is simply a matter of word replacement rather than new grammatical rules and styles.

No, you don't have to memorize it all and the least amount of effort required is to just replace everybody/anybody/somebody/nobody with everypony/anypony/somebony/nopony. Even Twilight Sparkle makes mistakes .

Word to the left of the comma is the word to be replaced

Word to the right of the comma is the word to replace it with

  1. philadelphia, fillydelphia
  2. sure as hell, sure as hay
  3. no one else, no pony else
  4. girlfriends, fillyfriends
  5. doctor who, doctor whooves
  6. stalingrad, stalliongrad
  7. girlfriend, fillyfriend
  8. nottingham, trottingham
  9. boyfriends, coltfriends
  10. old-timer, old-trotter
  11. everybody, everypony
  12. gentlemen, gentlecolts
  13. manhattan, manehattan
  14. trollable, paraspritable
  15. high-five, hoof-five
  16. boyfriend, coltfriend
  17. halloween, nightmare night
  18. gentleman, gentlecolt
  19. the heck, the hay
  20. the hell, the hay
  21. bro-fist, bro-hoof
  22. handedly, hoofedly
  23. naysayer, neighsayer
  24. butthurt, saddlesore
  25. everyone, everypony
  26. handmade, hoofmade
  27. trolling, paraspriting
  28. miracles, mareacles
  29. somebody, somepony
  30. bro fist, bro hoof
  31. marathon, mareathon
  32. children, foals
  33. someone, somepony
  34. america, amareica
  35. brofist, brohoof
  36. cowgirl, cowpony
  37. miracle, mareacle
  38. foolish, foalish
  39. dr. who, dr. whooves
  40. trolled, parasprited
  41. anybody, anypony
  42. persons, ponies
  43. handers, hoofers
  44. ladies, fillies
  45. dr who, dr whooves
  46. trolls, parasprites
  47. people, ponies
  48. tattoo, cutie mark
  49. cowboy, cowpony
  50. humans, ponies
  51. person, pony
  52. nobody, nopony
  53. handed, hoofed
  54. anyone, anypony
  55. woman, mare
  56. troll, parasprite
  57. human, pony
  58. hands, hooves
  59. folks, foalks
  60. child, foal
  61. money, bits
  62. women, mares
  63. girls, fillies
  64. girl, filly
  65. main, mane
  66. fool, foal
  67. feet, hooves
  68. hand, hoof
  69. foot, hoof
  70. boys, colts
  71. boy, colt
  72. man, stallion
  73. men, stallions
  74. hey, hay

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